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André Paixão is a brazilian composer, producer and sound designer, also known as a performer musician in Rio de Janeiro. Composer and arranger of music for films, drama plays, TV and advertising. He was musical director of the teen play "The Doctor Who Had A Beautiful Hand Writing" and the drama play "Medea en Promenade". Also as a score composer, he worked with such names as Felipe Hirsch, Gilberto Gawronski, Pedro Brício, Marco Nanini, Guta Stresser, Ivan Sugahara and companies like Conspiração Filmes, Multishow, Futura Channel, TV Zero, Cara de Cão, Mixer, 6D, Conselho Brasileiro Para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável (CBDES), Artplan, etc. Among the films he had contributed, we can mention "Angels of the Sun", "Chess Game", and "O Casamento de Gorete", among others. He was a screenwriter on Telecine and Multishow, including the second season of Geléia do Rock, broadcasted by brazilian Multishow channel. He is a managing director of Areia Produções Artísticas, which houses SuperStudio, where he records, produces and distributes through the label Super Discos artists, among them Getúlio Côrtes, Autoramas, Lafayette, Riko Viana. As a audio tech addict he used to be a columnist for the magazine Audio Music and Technology. Recently produced tracks and sound design for 13 episodes of the television series "Perrengue", broadcast by MTV / Viacom throughout Latin America; produced the first disc of the composer Getúlio Côrtes; he taught music production for theater for internal and external students of the Sesc School; and composed all the soundtrack of the feature length documentary "Madame", directed by André da Costa Pinto.

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